Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gardasil, Cervarix and a bunkbed

march 3 2009

No, I haven't left this blog.
I was just too caught up with everything going on in our lives.

The girls were approached for a shot to prevent certain HPV infections, wrongly advertised as stuff to prevent cervical cancer.
I did a bit of research and we all came to the decision not to take the shots.
When you want to read about my fndings you can do it at Laane Loves. In this case the title should be: Laane doesn't love. LOL!

We had a terrible vacation.

Part of it due to a new bunkbed... yep..
The old one was over 30 years old and a collegue of the father of the kids had one he needed to get rid of. It was rather new.

So one of the days we got all the stuff out of that part of the boys room, removed the old bed within 10 minutes and built the blue one within 20.
Then got all the stuff back in the room again.

That was it, I thought.

No, it wasn't.

The bed was blue and 1 cm wider, and my autistic boy saw his whole world change.

It took him two days of bad moods, shouting and a lot of bad behaviour more, until he accepted the thing.

By then my second boy, with PDD-NOS, was all over the place because he got nuts from his brother.

Because they kept themselves freaked out, they hardly slept...
I don't need much sleep, but only 5 hours in 3 to 4 days is not enough.

Finally I got the boys calm and had them wanting to go to sleep.
But they were still to hyped to sleep.

Time for mom's tricks.

One I told he got a sleeping tablet while I gave him a tictac to take with lots of water, as the doctor ordered. LOL!
He slept within 2 minutes.

I didn't have melatonin anymore and the other boy knew that.
So I told him in times like these multivitamins bring balance in the body again.
He took one, and he fell asleep too.

I'm not happy solving problems with pills, so I delivered a firm speech the next day.

All is quiet now...pffffffffffffffff

I'm updating old posts today and tomorrow.


  1. You did what you needed to do and the best for your children. Hugs for you.

  2. OH my sleep is a necessity you probably held out longer then I would have!


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