Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dream march 24 2009

march 24 2009

A child, nearly a teenager, died in my arms.
I had long hair and the blood of the girl was caught in my hair.

Looking for someone who belonged to the girl I found the mother.
I wanted to tell her how her daughter had died, but she told me to wait. She had other things to do.

After waiting quite a long time I went to her house.
The door was slightly open and she was busy.
I told her I wanted to tell her what I knew because I had things to do too.

Again she told me to wait.


I don't have long hair.

Any input?


  1. Interesting. I am a psychologist and (wanna bee) writer too! (was just reading your 'about me' section. Oh yeah, one of my 4 girls has autism. wow, we have so much in common.... :)

    anyway, the dream is very interesting. Hair often represents sexuality or attactiveness or even power in women. the fact that the girl was an adolescent and there was blood is also significant. All of that is symbolic. what's most interesting is the lack of interest by the mother about her daughter's death.. kept telling you to wait. hmmmmmmm, if i had a couch this would work better.... LOL!

    im lucky, i always get to ask my husband (who's a doctoral level clinical psychologist too). of course, they hey gets all freaked out bc he realizes just how WIERD his wife really is :)

  2. Sounds like one of those dreams that we get after a really stressful day. Sometimes as Mothers we worry about the safety and wellbeing of our children. Maybe you (subconsciously)put the long hair there so that you would know it wasn't you in the dream when you recalled it later..

    Don't know if that helps or even sounds reasonable but that's how I would interpret it.

  3. I had a dream last night that I walked out on my hubby because he complained when I had seconds.

    I don't have long hair, either.

    What do you think that means?

  4. I think it's interesting that the educated opinion is that long hair symbolizes sexuality or attractiveness, I think in the dreams of women, long hair would symbolize youth.

    I am by no means "young", at 38, but I do still have long hair and find that many older women comment on how their own hair was once long.

    When I originally read of your dream, my first impression ((usually the best one to go w/)), was that even in your youth you were carrying the responsibility for the care of other people.

    You were trying to get the appropriate party to assume their role but were pushed to the side or told to "wait". You grew frustrated knowing that there was no time for such selfishness on their part.

    Her death seems to be more of a symbol of you being there for her when she needed someone.

    Just my .02 =)


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