Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dick van Dyke and me

march 11 2009
Well, by now you know that my son was told he was fired, and when I told them there are legal procedures they started step back. (Just read the posts with the same logo.)

It was said that my son was called over and over again on his cellphone and the person even left a message.

Because I stood beside my son when he called the shop to give them his new number quite a lot of months ago, I know they have it.
And they called my son a few weeks ago on the new number.

I'm not playing CSI or something, but I did feel a bit Dick van Dyke in Diagnosis Murder when I called the shop and reported my son ill.
The person who took the call didn't know what to say. Maybe because my son is not on the list for this week.
Immediately after that I asked him to get me the person who was told to have called my son.

It took quite a while waiting, and wondering why people who get to the phone have no training at all in politeness, and then I was finally put through to the person I needed.

He sounded dull, slow and I guess he was lucky I can't establish a reliable IQ through the phone.
I told him I know he'd called my son and asked him the number.
When I repeated it my son was gesticulating like he was drowning.
Yep, as we assumed: it was the old number.

I asked the guy whether that was the number that's written on the contract.
He told me he didn't know.
So I said goodbye before he was able to ask me something and ended the wordpoor conversation.

It's wednesday now.
At monday the topmanager of the shop knew the number was wrong.
They didn't even bother to change it to proof they had done their job well.

The similarities between Dick van Dyke and Diagnosis Murder don't end here.

We're both in a medical environment.
3 kids are ill now. Caught by a nasty flu bug, that causes coughing, painful throats, clouded heads and a lot more you don't want to know.
1 is heading towards the problem too,
and I'm putting up a fight against earache, a soar throat and a headache.

What a pity now the weather finally allows the first gardening exercises.

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  1. Hello there Laane

    It's interesting isn't it that when it comes to places that hire teenages (with or with disability) they treat them like second class citizens - it also comes under the 'casual' umbrella of work code. Supermarkets, Fast Food Chains, because they have a high hire rate of teens you'd think they'd learn how to handle things better.

    My son 16 works at KFC he also has no end of trouble - I must confess they have our phn no. right, but sometimes not alot else.

    I think part of the problem is that alot of the time their 'bosses' are their school mates that get promoted early - probably too early!

    Nice blogs about life, look forward to more.

    Julie :-)


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