Saturday, March 28, 2009

again a unique frame

march 28 2009

In the morning it looked like there wouldn't be some time to go and look for new glasses, but when I said there was no way I would be able to watch TV, the schedule was changed.

Forced flexibility works best. LOL!

It was already half afternoon when we went.

The people in the two shops I went first must have thought me acting strange.
Entering the shop, having a quick screen over the glasses on one side of the shop, walking over to the other side, doing the same, and leaving.

Then we went to the shop we always go.
I've been looking the past half year, but never found the right frame.
Now I found one new one, and it was precisely right.

Then the shopowner asked if he could help.
I told him that my old frame, the one I always wear in the house, had broken.
He smiled and said..."Well, after 7 years"...

He didn't give a blink when I said I wanted the same strength as the old ones, so I would be able to have good sight at a normal distance. He must have seen my eyes won't adapt well anymore.
The computer was less understanding. He needed to do a lot to get around the last prescription.

My last two glasses had a rim engraved in the sides of the glasses.
He handcoloured the rim himself, which made my glasses unique.
But the last time he complained such a lot, that I didn't dare to ask.

Now he offered to make a rim in the glasses again.
I told him I would colour them, but he said he wanted to do it himself.
We had a good laugh about the fact that many people comment on my glasses, and I send them to him. Live advertisement. LOL!

So I'm going to have a unique frame again.

It's his way to express his appreciation for the fact that we come there with all the children, and it's his way to do something nice.
His brother has a child with autism, and he once told me he wished he could do something for me to make life easier.
Well, I went home with a smile.

I've missed the docking of the soeyoez at the International Space Station (ISS), but I've witnessed the opening of the hatch and the landing of the Discovery.
All astronauts landed safely. Phew!


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