Friday, February 13, 2009

we're in a recession now

february 13 2009

We're officially in a recession now.
(That means it's acknowledged now that we're in a recession since april last year.)

The economy went back 0,9% last 3 months, compared to the three months before, which didn't happen since the eighties.
When I read the statistics well the overall shrinking of the economy is 0,6%.

In 2008% it was grown 2%

The problem is mainly due to less export.

We're a small country, but a rather large tradingcountry, so when other countries don't have enough to spend, we suffer too.

The government gave the consumers a great compliment.
Because they've been spending, the recession isn't worse.
Isn't that nice?

Well as more and more people loose their jobs, the level of spending won't be kept up.

In Germany the economy is suffering even more.

The last 4 months of 2008 gave a shrinkage of 2.1% compared to the 3 months before.
The germans estimate a regression of 2.25% for 2009, which is the worst since WW2.

A couple of years ago I had a huge discussion with some scientists about the economy.

It was at a point that the idea that mothers needed to care for their children themselves changed into the idea that women should work too and should put their children in daycare and after-schoolcare.

Now I see how many people loose their jobs I ask myself whether it would be a good decision to grant families one secure job.
Freeding women from the duty to work makes more work available for men, or vise versa, because it's up to the couple to choose which person is going to work.

What do you think???


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