Sunday, February 1, 2009

unconscious mutterings # 314

february 1 2009

1. Take :: and leave.
2. 350 :: No, a circle is 360 degrees.
3. Stand :: stand/up comedienne
4. Raspberry :: yummy
5. Turnstile :: Never heard of it. Had to look that one up.
6. Infomercial :: Does someone really provide these without thinking about some gain in any way?
7. Dejected :: strange sounding word for depressed.
8. What’s the word? :: That was a small english booklet my children loved to "read" when they were young. The first english words I taught them from a book.
9. Awestruck :: hit with awesomeness.
10. Smashed :: those doors of our neighbour will look smashed. The noise when he closes a door!!! My kids learned not to slam them, he probably never did.

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