Thursday, February 19, 2009

snow, comments and patience

february 19 2009

Why can't some things just go the normal way, without problems?

The commentsection on the other blog worked fine and when I came today online I found out that it didn't work anymore.

There was one comment on the site, by someone who stole part of my entry, put it on his blog and linked back to my url, but with the name of his own url as the name of the link.

I didn't know what bugged me more, the failing comment section, or the guy who stole my content.

I'm a writer long enough to know some people try to steal content wherever they can, because the person isn't able to write himself.
In the past they even stole part of the content of a book!!!
Well, my publisher knew how to handle that thief, so maybe I should put him on this one too.

I've nicely asked to put the right linkword to the url, so I hope he does.

Because my autistic son couldn't sleep and threw a fit in the middle of the night, and because my other son needed parental support to wake up in time, I had only 2 hours of sleep.
That's half as much to stay kind and lovely the whole day.

And it was a day to be patient.

3 times the lights went out for a short time of a second.
Long enough to freeze my computer.

But..... it snowed for a while!

And that made something good, didn't it?


  1. Sometimes we just have one of those days! I can't believe someone would just post your stuff without getting permission first! That's why I'm so skeptical of this online's too easy for people to rip you off! I hope it all works out for you.

  2. Maybe today will be a better one for you. How infuriating to be copied with no credit; sorry about that, but have a cuppa coffee and forget that. Have a nice weekend!


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