Wednesday, February 25, 2009

press conference planecrash Turkish Airlines and updates

february 25 2009

2k 19151 from Istanbul
type Boeing 737 800
135 passengers

9 deads.
more than 50 people injured.

Aid was available very fast.

Airtraffic was stopped, but planes waiting to be landed could so after a short time.

Public was kept to a distance and they have not hindered the paramedics at all.

Family and survivors are guided to a special help centre.


A plane with family members from Istanbul has arrived in Amsterdam.

A list of passengers is online at different places. For instance at the site of ATV.

More than 80 people are wounded, 6 of them are in critical state.
11 hospitals are active in the care for patients.

Immediate help was available this morning.
60 ambulances and 150 paramedics took care of the wounded.

New pressconference at 19.15 local time.

In turkish, thanks to NOS:

Türk Hava Yollarinin TK 1951 Boeing 737-800 tipi Tekirdag adli uçagi, 127 yolcu ve 7 mürretebatiyla Schiphol havaalani’na inerken düstü.

Uçak inise geçtigi sirada A9 otoyolunun hemen yaninda bulunan Schiphol hava limaninin pistine 500 metre kala tarlaya çakildi. Üç parcaya ayrilan uçakta yangin çikmadi. 9 kisi hayatini kaybetti. Yarali sayisi suan 50’nin üzerinde.

Gereken bilgiler için asagida belirtilen numaralari arayabilirsiniz.




  1. This is so sad.
    I just read about it in my newsreader.
    my heart goes out to the affected families.

  2. I had not heard this yet. How horrible, it seems like these plane accidents are happening all the time now.

  3. I read about this in the news. It always breaks my heart when i read tragic news story. My condolences to their family


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