Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A place to live - 2

february 3 2009

Part 1

Tomorrow we're having a meeting to make the application for supported living for my second son.

The place we have found is nearby, perfect, but they don't take people with autism spectrum disorder, only people who are a bit retarded, but able to live on their own.

Their needs for supported living are the same as my son's. And because his social worker got a go ahead from the information worker at the client service office, (who later said she'd made a mistake) we're applying for a place.

Right now I'm making a list with all sorts of reasons why my son should get a place at that location, and why he should get a place anyway.

That means I have to be very critical of my son. Which are his good characteristics, and which are his bad.
What has he learned from us, what didn't he want to learn, and what was impossible?

It's strange to have such a very close look at your own child.
Normal children are accepted the way they are, and they grow up without their parents looking at their characteristics with a magnifying glass.

He is a few years behind in development, so let's hope they fall for that.

to be continued...

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  1. Oh

    I've been here many times but I haven't read your "about me" section

    that must have been hard for you

    I hope your second son can find a place where he can achieve his potentials

    I've read and heard that all autistic children have specialized skills or talents

  2. Must me incredibly difficult to be critical on your own child. Wish you strength.

  3. I was commenting to tell you that I love the "new" blog and was struck by your post. My prayers are with you and your son that you will find the perfect place for him. God Bless.

  4. I just wish you and your family such strength in all of this. I pray that you find a good place for your son.

  5. I so hope you are able to get your son into the facilty!
    stopping by from EC to say hi...


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