Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the meeting

february 3 2009

The intake at the new school for my second son was taking far too much time and energy.

The location was at the other side of town, outside the council area.
Quite a long journey by bus.

When we arrived people were sitting in the waitingarea, so we were told to go to the restaurant.

A few times a woman passed without paying us attention. I sensed it was the person who had to do the intake.
When the secretary passed, she went to her and I heard her say that were were the people she was waiting for. If she maybe could take some initiative to stick to her appointment.

The woman then said she already thought so and she was preparing coffee.
Which was not the truth, but she took a tray and could do nothing else than take both a pot with tea and one with coffee, sugar, milk and 6 cups upstairs.

A few hours before the meeting I'd mailed her that the forms she'd sent wouldn't generate new information, so I thought it better she would have the file of the social worker with her to the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting I explained that 5 of my children need some form of support, either permanent or intermittent, and that I sometimes feel more of a secretary than a mom, working all week on forms.
I also said that I didn't like the fact that each person makes his or her own file and that no one has access to relevant information at meetings.
That I'm striving to have one file.

Well, she agreed.

The rest of the meeting was... unprepared, chaotic.

She tried to access whether my son would be able to work as a photographer: getting enough work.

Then she wanted to talk about the limits of my son in the are of studying and working.
It was all in the file.

And the thing we came for: a worked out program for him?
I had to give her advice to contact certain people, not the other way around.

It feels like this is going to take forever!


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