Sunday, February 22, 2009

lan-party, autism and nighttime

February 22 2009

The oldest boys are one street away to a lan party.
I don't consider it a party at all, because they're all hooked up their computers and they are glues to the screens.
They didn't even hear me ringing the doorbell when I went to give them each an icecream. I nearly ate them all. LOL!
Well, they left the backdoor open and I used it.
Scared them to hell when I suddenly entered the room. LOL!

But instead of enjoying a few quiet days I'm here with skyrocketing bloodpressure.

We assumed my autistic son would enjoy the fact that he finally had the room for himself.
So often he told me he was looking forward to his brother moving out of the house...

Now he complains he's lonely, etc etc.

Yesterday evening I assumed he was asleep.
(Not so strange as he told us good night, gave a kiss, and went through his routine.)

I had to wait a bit because the laundry wasn't ready.
When I finally went up he was sitting behind his computer and threw a fit.

He couldn't sleep because he missed the breathing sounds of his brother.

Well..... ahum!!!

He always puts the radio on, far too loud, and he falls asleep within moments. So when I come upstairs after 5 minutes I switch the sound down, so he'll be able to hear it when he wakes up, but no one else will hear it.

So now he missed his brother.

Changes in his routine are a pain, and after midnight it's a lot more of it.

All I said was wrong.
I offered to sit with him while he was falling alseep.
"No, you will be looking at me."
"Then I'll sit down and read."
"No, I don't that."

I even offered to sleep in his brothers bed.

Nothing helped, he was very angry with me for allowing his brother to have a lan-party.
Well, he was asked to, but declined.

After he complained his sister sat on his bed, I pulled everything straight again.
I complained about wanting to go to sleep but that I wanted the house to be quiet, and told him I would enjoy a surprise, like him being asleep when I was ready with the laundry.

Well, I was lucky. That did the trick today.
He was asleep 5 minutes later.



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