Friday, February 6, 2009

Laane loves...

february 6 2009

I've decided to start another blog.

It's because I like to earn something with blogging, (to buy my girls bagpipes), and this blog has been ungoogled.

At the moment it's hard to earn even a little bit and now the different intermediaries have different requirements, I feel I have to make a choice.

Instead of digging in the archives and throwing out posts, I've decided to make a blog which is a supplement to this one.

It's called: Laane loves, and it will be more about things I like.

This place will stay the place where I blog about autism and such.
I don't expect you'll see much change.

Some memes will even be found on both sites.
Often multiple answers are possible, so I'll split them up now.

I hope to see you on both sites and I hope you'll enjoy both of them.

So bookmark too:

Laane Loves


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