Thursday, February 26, 2009

I hate vacations!

february 26 2009

Vacations are not for parents, just for teachers.
I don't quite understand why they should have days off and other people just have to go on working.

Don't tell me the kids need vacation.
They're bursting from energy and they're ready to invest it in whatever comes up first.

The change of routine is a burden to kids with autism and trouble for kids with an autism spectrum disorder.

They feel out of touch and don't know how to deal with that.

With all kids being guided with puberty hormones, this house is declared by me a "no-war zone".

Pity I'm the only working peace-worker.


  1. Try working in a large mall and being responsible for security and maintenance, we have to double our work force in security to keep things in order,lol

  2. I totally agree with you Laane...altho neither of my children have Autism, my son had/has learning disabilities. I homeschooled him through high school so he could at least function throughout adulthood. I do recall tho, while he was in public school, the vacations and days off were very hard on him. He needed that structure, that regiment...he needed that security.

  3. I'm sorry that vacations are hard on your kids. but your last line made me laugh. I totally relate to that!

  4. Poor thing.
    I agree that year round school isn't a bad thing. I remember in high school one year we started school, then had labor day weekend. Then it snowed and then we had Thanksgiving.Then Christmas. I never really got into the swing of school that semester and it showed on my report card.

  5. I can't even imagine your predicament. I have a tough time with one autistic 6 year old. Probably you are the world's most experienced parent of autistic kids. Its about time that you write a book on your experiences in dealing with ASD.

    Lazar Thobias


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