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the holocaust

februari 1 2009

An online friend asked me for my opinion.

He'd been reading about a bishop Williamson, who denies that many Jewish people died in the gaschambers of the Germans in WW2.

The Bishop, ordained in 1988 by the very controversial Marcel Lefebvre, was banned from the Catholic Church, with his compadres and Lefebvre by Pope Johanned Paulus II, because they didn't obey the rules of the Catholic Church.

The present Pope: Benedictus XVI dsecided to rehabilitate this man, leading to much protest as Williamson still claims that no Jewish people died in the gaschambers and that instead of 6 million, only 200.000 to 300.000 jewish people died in the camps.

It's clear the Vatican didn't do enough research before rehabilitating Williamson.

I don't understand why the Pope felt the need to rehabilitate this small group of former catholics. Lefebvre was known for his antisemitic opinions.
In fact the whole issue why they were excommunicated was that they didn't want to accept one of the main documents of the second Vatican Consilium (1962-1965) which said that the jews weren't responsible for the death of Jesus.

Is there any positive consequence of this rehabilitation?
I don't know.

Before even considering opening the doors again, I would have spoken with them and tracked their trails to see whether they still had antisemetic tendencies.
They would have found even more controversial opinions of Williamson.
He states that women shouldn't wear trousers and shouldn't study at a university, for instance.

It's said that one of the main reasons of the problems can be found in the fact that this Pope is a man of decisions, more than of listening to other opinions.
So this could have escaped his attention.

This sounds strange to me.
This pope is a scientist, a man of facts, who knows how to research matters.

And it doesn't answer my question why the Pope wanted the group of Lefebvre, called Pius X, to be part of the Catholic Church again.

Did he think they would turn away from their being?

It's many, many years ago (1963) when our Bischop Beckers impressed Catholics with his opinion that parents need to take responsibility for the total number of children themselves.
It was in a time that contraception was available, but forbidden by the Catholic Church. It was also a time that more families got TV's and could see poverty in other parts of the world and even in the western world itself.
Also a time that people reflected on WW2 and the time of rebuilding the country.
Some families were very large, due to the lack of use of contraception. And as society became even more aware than ever that children hold the future, it also became clear that it was better to be able to provide good upbringing for less children, than to see that children weren't able to use the resources which were available.

Taking responsibility for your own life became also taking responsibility for your own bond between God and yourself.
Using contraception meant for parents disobeying the rules of the Catholic Church and being only responsible for God Himself.

The Catholic Church as an institute didn't seem to care for sexually transmitted diseases killing people and injuring babies even before they were born, as all contraception was forbidden.

I remember in my family long discussions between the grown ups.
They thought I didn't understand, but I did.

I though that an all loving God would never choose a representative who allowed preventable diseases spread through love.
Who created death among children because he didn't want a piece of rubber to be used.

It was clear to me that a large institute wasn't able to care for the human values that came as a responsibility of human choice.

So I slowly grew away from the church as an institute.
I hope God is OK I won't answer to the pope, but only to him.

The fact that this Pope by rehabilitating an antisemitic bishop jeopardizes the fragile relationships between the Jews and the Christians makes once again clear that each and every person needs to take his own responsibilities.

That Williamson is a Bishop tells me he should be able to accept at least the historical facts of the holocaust.
The historical facts are acknowledged by the Vatican.

So why on earth did he agree with his rehabilitation?


  1. Well written article...I am sorry to admit, that I have long time ago given up to see any wisdom in such decisions.

    It is good that you report about it.
    Happy Blogging

  2. I like to think that God gives us all more than one chance to redeem ourselves..I'm hoping anyway! :) some interesting thoughts Laane.. just dropping by to tell you that I pulled your name as the second winner in the draw for the focal bead.
    Congrats~ as soon as you send me your address I'll get this away to you.
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    ~Deborah G


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