Monday, February 2, 2009

Glass, winning and a happy me after all.

february 2 2009

Due to the firm winds it was very cold outside, and even inside the house it was chilly at some places.

There was some restlessness in nature that caught the kids. My autistic boy kept talking very loud, and complained a lot about all sorts of things (except the cold. LOL!)

Because my second son has an intake at a new school I had to fill in a pile of forms.
I only filled in the strictly necessary things and left the rest completely open.
The social worker has send a complete file with everything in it. When they want to have the info ordered in another way, they'd better do it themselves.

5 kids come home with forms every now and then, and for one application for some sort of assistance, for instance for dyslexia, I sometimes have to fill in 5 to 7 forms. All with about the same information.

So maybe I sound unkind, I'm not. I'm just tired of doing useless and unnecessary things.

It's 2 hours after midnight and my work is still not done.

My mind is somewhere else though.

When I came here at my blog I discovered a huge surprise!
I've won second place at Deborah's wonderful blog called: Sweetwater Designs.

I love beads and I certainly love glassbeads.

The longer you look at them the more you see.

My grandmother taught me to look concentrated at them, and maybe you won't believe it, but a whole new world opens in your mind.
When you let your thoughts flow all sorts of associations pop up, about colour, form, all sorts of things.

I was very small then.

A few years later my parents took us to Italy, where we went to a glassblower.
Beads, figurines and vases were made there.
I was caught by the whole process. The fluency of the process to create a form, the warmth, the fact that whatever you want needs to be done fast, otherwise the glass is far more powerful than our imagination.

My parents weren't able to call me to leave.
I just didn't hear them, and when I did, I immediately forgot I was called.

So now I have won a special gift of someone who is caught by glass too.

I've found a little movie at Deborah's site. It's at the bottom of this post.

But go to her site and bookmark it.
Look around, enjoy her posts.

My day is ending so happy, I almost can't tell you!!

Thank you, Deborah!!!!!!



  1. You are so sweet's a joy to give something so small to someone so appreciative. :) How lucky you were to experience glass blowing first hand!

    Try this;

  2. Well congratulation. Sweetwater made your day.... And may the chilly cold change soon with the first warmth of spring.....Happy Blogging


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