Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

february 16 2009

Today the girls had a day off from school, so we tried to sleep in a bit.
Didn't really work for me, because one of the boys needed to be called an 5.30.

He had his radio on alarm and even his cellphone.
I woke up, he didn't.
I got him sitting up after a lot of effort.
He said he was awake, but he wasn't.

So I gave him 15 minutes extra, and went through the same procedure.

After that I couldn't sleep anymore.

Because I had to do something with a new blog, I dived into wordpress.
Managed to get it working on the new url, but one way or another the comment section isn't working.

It's my first time with wordpress, so I've done quite a lot, but the idea to transfer my other blog to the new url was not accomplished. Ugh!
I don't have the faintest idea to get the comment section working, so I'll see to that tomorrow.

Ofcourse I'm open for suggestions!

Funthing today was the photosession of the royal family.
The girls loved it!

It's so nice to see all those young children growing up, including our future queen.
But before she's on the throne we just wait and see when Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima will take over from Queen Beatrix.

I like our Queen very much and I hope she'll be able to enjoy her grandchildren a many years more.

See some photo's here.

One of the boys decided to help out with dinner and made a rice-recipe.
He added all sorts of herbs and it smelled terrible.
So I tried to escape from eating it, and I managed to do so.

Then the girls came home from ballet and got their own late dinner.
They ate the rest of the rice, and thought it tasted well.

Maybe I should try it next time.
Or not??? LOL!

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  1. I have used WordPress since I started usingHumor, and comments have always worked for me. I am not sure if I did anything special in the beginning to set them up. But I just took a look at my control panels, and found nothing to switch on or off. I think in Blogger you have an option to allow or not allow comments... I guess I would do a Google search on how to turn on comments in WordPress. Maybe this helps?


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