Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Airplane crashed

february 25 2009

A Boeing 737 of Turkish Airlines has crashed on Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport, while landing.

On board were 137 passagers.

There are no confirmed numbers of casualties.

CNN speaks of 1 dead and 20 injured, the Dutch TV doesn't mention any numbers because nothing is confirmed yet, and the minister of transport of Turkey says there are no deaths.

The plane crashed at about 10.30 local time.

An eyewitness saw the plane in trouble.
It looked like it was landing tail down, then this was changed into a nose down dive.
There were no sounds of a crash heard from inside the car this man was.
More eyewitnesses confirm this, so it seemed a controlled crash.

Now the plane lies in a just plowed farmland behind the "Polderbaan".
There are lots of paramedics working.
At the road beside the farmland a row of ambulances is waiting.
It's said that a crisiscentre is in the farm nearby.

The engines are lying beside the plane, due to a mechanism that expells them.
The plane is broken in 3 pieces.
No fire.


There are probably 4 or 5 deads. The number isn't confirmed.
80 rescued.


2 busses are waiting to transport more survivors

Airtraffic was stopped but right now planes are using the Kaagbaan.

Pressmeeting at 13.30


9 deads:
3 from the cockpit and 6 passengers.


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