Saturday, February 7, 2009

5 years ago

february 7 2009

1. Were you in the same location five years ago that you are today? Would you have expected to be?

Yes. Same house. And even the same place where my computer stands. Different chair though, and different screen.
Yes, I expected to be "here".

2. Are you driving the same car you drove five years ago? Were you driving the same car five years before that?

We don't have a car.

3. What percentage of the clothes in your closet are clothes you were wearing five years ago?

Dunno. And to be honest, I don't care.
I wear my clothes until they're not good enough anymore to do the dirty work in the house and garden.
And I hardly buy something new. (When I had enough money I would)

4. In what way is your life most improved over the last five years? In what way is it least improved over the last five years?

I'm improved myself. A bit wiser. (You can't see it though. LOL!)
My life is at least improved on the area of support with and for the kids.
I'm still doing everything myself and it's not beneficial for my health.

5. Take the quiz: Do You Live in the Past, Present or Future?

You Live in the Present

You take things one day at a time.

And it turns out, that's a pretty great way to live.

You aren't consumed by the past, and you're aren't obsessed with the future.

You live in the now, and you enjoy each moment.

While most people don't live in the present enough, make sure you don't live in it too much.

It would be a mistake to forget your past or neglect to plan for the future.

Well, the questions didn't leave much room for individual details, so the result is not saying much.

I do live a lot in the present, simply because I can't take all the baggage of the past with me.
I try to make the best of everything, except of the past. It's gone, except for memories.
The future is the time that should bring more happiness for me.

6. Consider the thing you most hoped for five years ago: has that come true, yet?

I hoped to trace a friend and meet him.
I know where he lived in the USA, but that's it.

Haven't been in Scotland yet, but realised to play bagpipes.

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