Tuesday, January 13, 2009

winter photos

january 13 2009

The snow is all gone!!
All night it has been raining and today it's as dark and grey as it was before.

Feels like awakening in the bad ugly world again.

Last day we started gathering the photos we've made.
Instead of sending them we decided to put them on a portable flash drive, so we can put them all on our computers.

It's fun to live with people who are so addicted to visual work.
One of the boys will try to use the photos in an artistic way, another will change the individual photos into a kind of movie after I have made the best of them by enhancing, cutting etc.

I still like the old fashioned photos better.
Putting them in a book is much more fun and it lasts longer too.

On the other hand: now we all have all the photos and can make our own collection.


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