Sunday, January 11, 2009

weight yes, or weight no

january 11 2009

This real winterevent nature surprised us with after 12 years really did a lot of good.

Just at the moment that the media realised the christmasseason was over and businesses wouldn't make any more money with christmaschocolate and -cookies, fancy dinners and special drinks, they started to moan about body weight and dietmeals again.

I'm OK when there's lots of attention for healthy eating, but when a man on TV is telling me that we really...yes...really need to loose weight because that's better for us, I feel like the little child again.
But when I was younger I was told to eat more.. and more... so I would change from a match into a person with flesh on the bones.

I hate the way the media deal with all those holidays and special events.

At christmas we have to eat well,
then we have to get rid of the excess bodyweight we have gained, either by diet or by means of Fenterdren or other special products,
when it's going towards valentine's day we're told to eat chocolate and give away a lot of it too,
then we have to loose weight again, to be fully busy with that when the cholesterol attack of easter is targetted towards us in full power again.
After that we're told we should loose weight, otherwise we won't fit in our bikini's.
Which is kind of ridiculous, because I've always hated bikinis.

The moment I was wearing one of those minimal textile thingies and the cold water clinged on to my abdomen, almost squeezing it together 3 sizes...I'll never forget that.

Well, to be honest, the surgery I needed didn't help either.
That doc told me he would stay well below the line of lower bikinipart, but either he had me upside down on the table, or he imagined a bikini starting a few cm's below the top part.
The zipper I have in my belly is impossible to be covered by a bikini unless it's an old russian model from before the eighteen hundreds. LOL!

Now all the ice-skating has to be on TV, so we can all enjoy it, there's no time for silly programs to make us loose weight before the attack of valentine chocolate.

Oh, I'm so happy about that!!


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