Friday, January 23, 2009

We went to see an apartment for one of my sons

january 23 2009

Yesterday I went with my second son to see one of the counselors of an apartment complex for people with a slight mental disability.

She was very friendly and showed us one of the apartments.

It was very nice, large and my son was quite content with what he saw.

In the meeting we had, with his social worker being present too, she stretched the fact that he would be completely his own boss, but that he's able to call in help at anytime.
He will be supported on a regular basis on things he still needs to learn.

There was one problem though.
To her knowledge people with an autism spectrum disorder don't belong to the group that are permitted to live there.

The opposite was told to the social worker who arranged the meeting.

So monday things will get into motion.
She's going to get in contact with the person who gave the information that people with autism spectrum are permitted to life there, and when this is true all paperwork will be prepared for him to live there, and otherwise our search continues.

We all hope this place will be his first step from home.
He doesn't move because he's really ready to live without support but because he wants more space to put his things.
Because it's so near he can eat at home when he wants, get regular visits from us and his friends, but still feel he's living on his own.

I'll miss him though.


  1. I wonder what I will do if I'm in your position. You are so patient.

  2. Hope everything works out for him and the apartment!

  3. Our Aspergers diagnosed son is in his second semester of college, and by all accounts doing very well.

    Your sentence about "missing him" struck me. Since Aspergers kids are so un-social, my son was always home. It is different with him gone.

    We have always encouraged him to do things with groups, he was in church choir, Boy Scouts, traveled with his school, but short of that, he was always home.

    We do miss him. But we are excited for him at the same time.

  4. I hope that all works out and the transition for him goes well. It's great that he will still be close to home while becoming independent.

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