Saturday, January 10, 2009

watching ice-skating

january 10 2009

The people in my country are going nuts.
Nothing to worry about though, it's only because it's freezing so long and so much.

Right now it's lower than -12 celcius here, measures at the shop where my son works with the refrigerator thermometer.

Yesterday I watched the national championship ice-skating on natural ice.
And with me millions of others.
Long lines of skating figures in the mist.
I've enjoyed each and every minute of it.

Today the European championships started ...indoors...
I have to say, it was great to see, but the surroundings are boring.

Tomorrow we'll have skatingcontests on the waters nearby in the nature reserve.
It's for the first time the water is frozen so well that it can carry the load of all those people.

I'm thrilled. I hope the local TV will be present.

In the afternoon the women will skate the European championship.

Me oh my, I have to sit in front of the TV more than in 2008 altogether.
Already my back aches from sitting so much.
No wonder I long for home theater seating.
Wouldn't it be perfect to be able to lean back and get a good rest while watching other people burn their calories?

It's a pity my camera is crap, otherwise I would be outside snapping shots of all those people trying to ice-skate.
Now we have so much ice...after waiting for it for 12 years, people seemed to have lost control. They feel they must enter the ice and skate.
My country is like the old paintings again.

Jan Frederik van Deventer
(Brussel 1822 - Amsterdam 1886)



  1. We have had temperatures as low as minus 12 here in England. We are just not used to it! Frrrreeezing!

  2. it sounds very exciting there right now, with all the winter sports. i do not have balance, so i do not know how to skate on ice, or any skating at all :(

  3. It sounds like a scene right out of Montana. Here, ice skating is huge (almost as much as skiing). And its no rare thing, it is quite common.

    But championships- now that sounds fun! I hope you have a great time! :)


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