Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you!!!

january 28 2009

Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday!

It's so nice to see so many people cared to comment.

Yesterday was a rather quiet day.

Even though I worked hard early in the morning to get things neat and tidy for visitors none came.

Well, no visitors meant my autistic son wasn't disturbed too much in his daily routine, so it could be consider a present in disguise.
I just have to ignore the fact that people seemed to have forgotten my birthday.
(Am I that old?)

The girls gave me a nice statue: a posh giraffe with a hat. Very nice for rings and bracelets. And for a smile too.

One of the boys gave me a golden piggy with a chocolate in it.
(Am I that fat? LOL!)

And another boy gave me two cinnamon sticks to eat and a card with a giraffe.

2 still have to give a present. They couldn't choose.
It means extending my birthday until the next weekend after they've went to the shops with the girls. They're perfect advisors, so I'm not worrying.

No, I haven't been away on my birthday.
I can't leave the children alone, because there's no one to take over.
Their father had to work, and he can't deal with his autistic son.
That's life.

But your congratulations made me smile. Thanks a bunch!

I'm one year older, now everyone has to realise I'm one year wise too. LOL!


  1. Oh my! I missed your big day Laane, but better late than never, right? Belated happy birthday dear! All the best for you and your family! ^_^

  2. oh laane, i'm so sorry i missed your birthday. sked got crazy and it was my daughter who does the ec drops for me. happy belated to you!

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  3. Oh dear.. Sorry I'm late..
    Happy belated birthday to you..
    I hope you've enjoyed your special day with your loved ones.. Glad you enjoyed your presents and a smile casted on your face..

    May you have any more wonderful birthdays to come.. :)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! :) ... better late than never, ryt?
    Wish you all the happiness in life...


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