Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow, ice and a fallen girl

january 7 2009

Last night we had an extremely cold night again.

None of us really looked forward to today, because slippy roads were expected.

Hmm, expected?

They were already here.

It's a huge problem to leave the neighbourhood, because the roads are changed from normal, into snow, into ice.
Kids were iceskating on them!

Yesterday one of the girls fell and she's still telling me she's got a headache.
I was already happy she didn't break her arms or legs.
She isn't a person who complains a lot though.

This morning the dentist appointment was right in the middle of the morning.
Returning to school under these conditions would mean only one lesson of an hour, so I told her to stay home so I could watch her.

She was far more quiet than normal, so it was a good decision.

For tonight more cold and even a bit of snow is expected.
We'll see.


I see some people are worried about medical complications of the fall.
Ofcourse she did see our doc.


  1. With her hitting her head and complaining of a headache, you may want to have her checked by a doctor, she may have a concussion.

  2. I second Lynne's advice..
    I think you better bring her to see a doc. There's a few incidents where people banged their head but felt normal after that... Weeks or so later, they were found dead.. I don't mean to scare you but it's better to be safe than sorry.. Looks can be deceiving..

  3. Hope your daughter is okay. I thought the same thing as Lynne did when I read this. We had ice too yesterday. I was trying to make the best of it, letting the kid in me out by sliding around in circles on it as I waited for my bus.


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