Friday, January 16, 2009

Slicing... almost everything.

january 16 2009

Pfff, these days I sure don't need any fat burner pills, there are so many things to do here.

Yesterday I made a stupid mistake.

Slicing the vegetables with a large cook's knife, you know, the ones they use on TV, I had plenty of neat pieces of vegetables.... and then...happa... before I could retract, my finger had a huge cut.
I didn't slice it off though. LOL!

Lots of blood.. so I tied it off until the bleeding stopped.
Then I taped the wound together, taped the finger in and went on working.

After so many deliveries a bit of pain in a finger is nothing.

I thought it might be healed a bit today, so I was ready to do the washing up this evening, in fact I was busy doing in... when I discovered it was bleeding again.

Ugh...I guess I should have gone to the ER to get a stitch.

Well, let's hope the wound won't infect.


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