Saturday, January 24, 2009


january 24 2009

I don't know what was in the air, but the kids didn't sleep well.
Some had a hard time falling asleep, while others were awake far too early.

A neighbour said that it was due to the low air pressure.
His wife slept not well either.

I've never heard low pressure has an influence on something else than wind and rain.
But hej, what's not discovered can be discovered.

Yesterday was a very grey and dark day, maybe that's a reason?

All in all I slept 1 hour...
and I'm amazed I'm still very nice to everyone. LOL!

I can trace that back to a few cups of coffee.
Spiced up with a bit of fresh cinnamon.
Music: 4 CD's with tango's. One of the kids found the set at the library.

Right now I can't move freely in the house, because they're busy for my birthday. (Next tuesday). Well, it's almost time to start cooking.

Any good ideas?

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  1. With the unpredictable weather nowadays, its always best to eat healthy food and take one's daily dose of vitamins to ward off from viruses which could attack our immune system. Advance Happy Birthday! ;-)


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