Saturday, January 3, 2009

Serious earthquakes at Irian Jaya

january 3 2008

The earth is releasing tension again.

While many who are interested in seismology and volcanology were asking themselves what all those tremors and small earthquakes mean in Yellowstone Park other parts of the earth were relatively quiet until yesterday, when the Santa Cruz Islands had to deal with an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0.
It was quiet again after that, but in certain circles more quakes were expected.

Today a long list of earthquakes proved them right.

4.6Caspian Sea
5.5South of Tonga Islands
5.5Banda Sea
5.7Santa Cruz Islands
7.6Irian Jaya, Indonesia, region
6.0Irian Jaya, Indonesia, region
5.9Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, region
5.6Irian Jaya, Indonesia, region
7.5Irian Jaya, Indonesia, region

We don't know anything yet about casualties and damage.
The quakes hit Irian Jaya during the night.

A tsunami warning was issued, but within an hour withdrawn.


At a collapse of a hotel at least 4 people died and 5 got injured.


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