Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday six - metal

january 24 2009

1. If you could recycle only one of the following, would you be most likely to choose paper, aluminum cans or plastic containers?

In fact we recycle this all, and I'll never go back to a situation that I won't recycle.
When the council won't accept it seperated anymore, I'll offer it somewhere else.

2. Check out your bathroom: what color are the metal fixtures: silver, gold, bronze, or pewter? (If you know the actual material rather than just the color, name it too.)

No need to go upstairs. It's stainless steel.
Did you expect gold?

3. When cooking, do you prefer non-stick surfaces or traditional surfaces? Do you have more copper-bottomed pots or stainless steel

I only prefer non-stick when baking something very sticky, like certain kinds of fish.
Copper-bottomed? Ofcourse not!
For the rest I don't care what my pots are made of, as long as they are very big.
I'm cooking for at least 8 people each day.

4. Take the quiz: What’s Metal Are You?

I've taken the quizz, but one of the 5 questions offered choices between cities I don't know. So the result is not very reliable.

You Are Copper

You are provocative and challenging. You help people realize who they really are.

You live a very balanced life. You always take time for love and art.

You are both a powerful and generous person. You always have time to give back.

People find you to be incredibly ethical and loyal.

5. Consider the jewelry you wear most often: is it gold, silver, platinum or something else?

I absolutely love silver.
The last years I start liking gold too, so now I sometimes wear something I got 30 years ago.

6. Have you ever had a piece of jewelry turn your skin a different color?
Did anyone else notice before you did?

People bring me their dirty silver jewelry and when I wear it it turns beautiful again. The dirt leaves a spot, yes.
I don't understand why you want to know whether anyone else notices something before I do.
The answer is: no.

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