Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Six - Episode 247

january 3 2009

1. Have you ever been asked to speak in front of an audience?
If so, what was the occasion and how do you feel you did?

I've been a lecturer at the university so I'm used to speaking to small and very large audiences.
I absolutely loved it!

Even though I was teaching one of the dreaded subjects: research methods and statistics, I was able to motivate people. I loved dealing with students.

After that I've been giving lectures outside university too.

Whenever someone would ask me back, I would go immediately.

2. If you were asked to appear on David Letterman’s show, do you have a “Stupid Human Trick” you could perform?

Can't think of one right now.
Well, maybe it's enough to do a ballet thing like a split.

3. If you were asked to be in a circus, would you be more comfortable as a clown, a trapeze artist, a tightrope walker, a juggler, an animal trainer, or the ringmaster?

I used to want to be a trapeze artist, but I won't do that to the catcher anymore. LOL!

Ofcourse I'll be OK as a clown and a ringmaster.

Maybe I'll have a go at being an elephant trainer. Yea...let's try that.

4. Take the quiz: What Circus Act Should You Perform?

You Should Fly on a Trapeze

Some people may call you a daredevil. Others would call you an adrenaline junkie.

But for you, it's not about the risk - it's all about the reward.

You crave freedom. And flying on a trapeze is the closest you'll get to that freedom.

The rush of doing something humans weren't born to do is amazing. And you're willing to put your life in danger to experience it.

LOL!!! Told you so.

5. How old were you the first time you visited a circus? How did you like it?

I'm not sure, but I think I was 7.
I went with my dad and we both loved it.
The Clown Popov performed and I was thrilled, because I'd seen him on TV.
When we were near the circus I looked up to a person who looked out over the area from the door of his mobile home. Something in his eyes made me stand still.
He winked me and then said: "When you recognise me later don't tell them you know me like a normal person too, because that's very special."
He and my father smiled and then we went to the entrance of the tent.

I have always cherished that special moment.
In a way he taught me that every normal person can be something special.
He also taught me that even a famous person is a normal one too, so I've never ever looked up to anyone in admiration, unless it was because that person deserved my respect.

6. How often would you describe your real job as a “circus?” Do you think it seems to be getting more or less like a circus?

Well, I describe my house as a nuthouse, but OK, a circus is fine too.
Each day brings something special, and it's as chaotic and busy like a circus too.
Entrance is free though.

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