Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rob Gauntlett and James Atkinson died

january 11 2009

Just a moment ago the news reached us that Rob Gauntlett (21) and James Atkinson (21, student) died in the French Alps near Chamonix after an accident.
At first it was reported they were caught in an avalanche.
Later it turned out the cause is unknown. They both fell in a couloir on Mont Blanc du Tacul.

They were ice-climbing with a group of friends. Among them Rob's best friend James Hooper.
The groups split up. Rob and James staying on the mountain while the others went down.
It's not exactly clear yet what happened. The weather was good, no avalanches were reported, both climbers were well trained and well equipped.

Rob was the youngest British man ever to reach the top of the Mt Everest. It was in 2006, and he was just 19 years old.

He also traveled from Pole to Pole with his friend Hooper.

Rob was a very inspiring person, who told his story many times at schools and businesses, not only stressing that nothing is impossible, but also that when we all do a little bit to save the earth we might be able to fight pollution and global warming.
He took everything out of life and pushed himself to do everything he dreamed of.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.
He died far too young.
But he lived a life so full and intense, that many of us can learn a lot from him.

May both Rob and James rest in peace.

Rob's site
pole to pole expedition


  1. As sad as his passing is, he at least lived more than most. His legacy will continue to inspire I think.

  2. Laane, I have a very good friend who loves to ski in that area. I am now worried after reading your new post.

    Anyway, I want you to know that YOU have just been tagged in Tag-O-Mania. Please visit my site to learn more about it.

    More power to you!


  3. Very sad to hear the passing of both adventurer's

  4. I feel so sorry for everyone who knew them.


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