Friday, January 16, 2009

A real hero

january 16 2009

Yesterday a plane caught so many birds in the rotors that it had to make an emergency landing or crash.
The pilot managed to let his plane, a US Airways Airbus A320, drift to the Hudson River and land there.

The landing was so soft, that all 155 passengers and 5 crewmembers all survived.
They were saved by boats that came the the rescue, the plane was caught by a large boat and sinking was prevented.

All worked together perfectly to get all the people on land.

The pilot went to look if everyone had left the plane twice before he stepped on board of one of the boats as the last one. He wasn't only a perfect pilot, but also a perfect captain!

His name: Chesley Sullenberger.

A charming man, 57 years old, with 40 years of flying experience.
He was able to use all his knowledge as a pilot, a teacher of pilots and a investigator of airplane accidents at a moment many others would have despaired or just panicked.

There are situation in life other people have to guard our safety, and we have to trust these people with their lives.
This man proved he was trustworthy at the most difficult of situations.

I know americans call someone who has done something special, or a bit special, easily a hero.

To me, this man is one of the few who really deserved this title.

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