Friday, January 30, 2009

people create dramas

January 30 2009

People create unnessesary dramas for others by holding on to unwritten laws.

During the inauguration parade a drum major gave a friendly greeting to the Obama family and the other guests in the glass house.

I didn't see anyone taking offence.

There is no formal rule for Pipe Drum Majors to salute in a military way at an inauguration.
The band isn't even a military band, but a mix of firefighters and non-firefighters.
It's purpose is to honor the fallen firefighters.

Well maybe the band should not have been choosen to walk in the inauguration parade when pleasure wasn't tolerated in this band.

To suspend this man doesn't show disapproval of his behaviour, but a complete lack of respect for the president itself.
He is perfectly able to contact this drum major and tell him he went beyond protocol, in case there is a protocol about saluting of a non military band during the inauguration parade.

In case the same happened within our band I would have said that the wink and wave clearly reflected the festive occasion and that it even reflected the trust in this president. It says people feel they can be themselves, and what huger compliment can you give a president?

I don't think Mr. Obama would request a perfect military salute from a normal bagpipes band.
(I'm sorry, but even though you've won many prizes, you're a normal bagpipes band).

To us it seems hypocritical to suspend this man, and I feel very sorry he decided to quit the band, but I can understand it completely.

Maybe he's able to start his own band.

Watch here the wink and wave

That the site of the band has no option to get in contact is reflecting the lack of openness for reactions.
That yahoo is running this story on their site for the second day says something, doesn't it?

Thanks yahoo and ABC News for being my source.


  1. This story hit the news headlines here in England too. With all the trouble going on in the world someone somewhere thought they would just add to it! Ridiculous!

  2. Geez, the guy responded to eye contact with the new presidente with a wink and a wave on what may have been one of the happiest days of his life and they treat him like a criminal with 6 months suspension!!!
    The whole country was happy!

    If they want so much "military decorum" (out of firefighters???), then give him a slap on the wrist or bawl him out in the next rehearsal, but make it something that fits the so-called "crime"... I, at least, want PEOPLE with hearts for firefighters - not robots and I think that many people would agree with me!

    And then the band manager takes a leave of absence because he can´t take the uproar! And they hide behind "no e-mail contact" on their site. Shame on them!

    They should really be ashamed of themselves - and make very public apologies for their lack of humanity...

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