Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a new header

january 7 2009

So many people commented on my christmasheader and on the red of the site, that I had to do something with the red.

When I walked past some berries the idea struck me that I could keep the red, add the season, and feel myself at home at my blog.

During one of the coldest nights of my life I made this header.
It's almost 20 degrees celcius below zero, which is extremely cold here.
Even though the heating is on, my feet are very cold and I'm sitting here shivering with a thick cardigan under a fleece blanket.

Soon snow will fall and the temperature will rise a bit.
So maybe then I'll feel a bit warm in my bed.

For now this header seems to be perfect.
The amazing red of the berries, which one can almost grasp from the screen, the beauty of the white snow and the promissing blue sky shining from behind.

The world is covered in snow here.
It's so beautiful.

I hope your eyes won't hurt from all these colours.
Mine are just happy to see that there's a colour in nature.
We've had so many grey and dark days this winter.

I have to admit I'm smiling, and looking forward to spring, when the red of tulips will decorate our gardens.

But first, let's enjoy our snow.



  1. I like the new header you put on your blog. I also love the red berries and snow. I just wish we would see a little bit of snow here where we live. Unfortunately, if we ever get any frozen precipitation, it is usually ice.
    Have a great day! Just think, as fast as time flies, it won't be long until your snow is melting and the tulips will be blooming. :-)

  2. Hi Laane,
    I like your blog colour and the header..good post too!!

  3. very pretty do you know how to manipulate all those codes to change the header?pretty darn clever of you!

  4. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, HarryJanuary 7, 2009 at 5:38 PM

    I like your red background and your header really looks nice! I too wonder how to modify my header. I figured out how to change the background color on my blog, except for the header. I don't know how to put photos in it at the side either and still keep the title. Oh well, for now I'll just have to ask other people for help with that.

  5. Love the header but I think you should improvise the contrast of your blog title.. It's not very obvious against the image.. Just my 2 cents worth.. :)


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