Sunday, January 4, 2009

nearing the end of the season

january 4 2008

The last lazy day...

After a few very cold nights with an icelayer on the lake growing firm, it was yesterday during the day, last night and today above freezingpoint.
Like nature had to come up and breathe, before throwing itself down again in the low temperatures.

I've made a tremendous lot of traditional wintersoup, with peas, carrots, leach and a lot more.
Like I was a witch I was stirring the green brew, which has to warm everyone tomorrow when the kids come home from school.
Ofcourse there was no flame under it during the night, but when I put one under it just a few moments ago, it was still warm, and the peas had fallen apart, as they should.

I've transferred important data into the new agenda and I feel like taking down the christmasornaments.

Help!!! That's not me!!!

I always feel christmastime is a time of endless travelling into a different era, with a different look for the house and even different smells.
For the first time in years I feel like it's OK it's over.
Oh my dear! Do I need a psychiatrist now? LOL!

Well, fact is: all went too fast this christmastime.
I've missed those little feelings of melancholy.
That's what made the difference, maybe.

I'm not looking forward to the same hectic time as last year, so, apart of my attitude towards some people, I have to do something to lower the pressure.

Last year I started to ask people who wanted to have a meeting with me to tell me what's on the agenda in detail.
I didn't accept: "I want to talk about your autistic son", but I wanted to know which subjects we were going to talk about.

That helped a lot, because people prepare the meetings far better.

But I need more.......


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