Friday, January 9, 2009

my girls boxing?

january 9 2009

Next week is a special week at the school of the girls. They'll have all sorts of projects and workshops.

Last time it was creativity and awareness, so they enjoyed dancing and making a theatre performance and they got lessons about drugs, smoking and pregnancy-prevention.

Next week sports is one of the themes.

Today they heart they were in the group to learn boxing.

They both came home very unhappy.
Not only because that's not what they want at all, but also because they've been bullied about it.
People telling them they would love to see the twins boxing against each other.
The boy who was also on the list told them he gladly would smash in their glasses.

Well, as one of my intentions of this year was to keep my stresslevel low, I logged in at the mail and found the address of their teacher.

Not only did I inform her about the bullying, like the school requests each and every parent to do, but I also told her the girls were very unhappy they were listed at that workshop and we as parents are not OK with it, because the last thing we want is to teach our children boxing.

I've already decided not to take any answer like: "it's good for self defense."

One of the basics of my philosophy of bringing up my children is not to teach them anything that has the potential of harming someone else. (Well, I taught them talking...sorry)
Boxing is one of the socalled sports that makes me sick.

So it's not for my girls.

I won't even consider it when I get perfect insurance quotes.
So, that last remark brings me 5 dollars for my birthdaycake. LOL!


  1. To keep the stresslevel low is always smart and healthy ! - I love your blog so I have an award for you....
    have a wonderful weekend...

  2. I hope your girls manage to switch their activity to something they like.. at least I hope their teacher will allow them too.. It's kind of a rough sport.


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