Tuesday, January 6, 2009

he could play like any other child

january 6 2009

Some time ago a friend gave me a few magnets.
Some magnetic balls and some longer ones.
She received them in a gift packet and didn't know what to do with them.

I put them in the pocket of my coat and my bicycle key attached itself to them.
Since then I've never had problems finding that key.

I got so used to them, that I almost forgot them, until I was in the waitingroom of the doctor, accompanied by one of my sons who was clearly bored.
I gave him the magnets and he made interesting structures with them.
When the doc came I picked up the structure, folded it together and put it in my pocket again.
("Cling" said the key.)

I now know they're elements of the MagneXt, a magnificient collection of Building toys.
Magnets and plastic, futuristic looking buildingparts are the elements of a complete new way of construction.
The colours are awesome, the forms are a real inspiration for every child from 6 to 106.

The more elements you have, the more interesting buildings and vehicles you can make.

We here love the ICoaster.
The time of rails on the floor and little boys playing with trains has gone by, but a new era has started for ageless children.
Because the elements fit to each other in so many ways, almost everything is possible. Creativity can really have an outlet with MagneXt.

What I like most is not only that even the large and grown up boys are not ashamed to play with it... (They call it assembling. LOL!), I also like the fact that one of their friends, who has almost no muscle tone in his hands can play with them as fast as they are.
There is no need to turn things like screws, or use force.

I felt really moved when I saw them all play together, laugh and have fun.
The boy completely forgot himself.

What a contrast with all those other times when he couldn't participate in the actual building.

Whenever you need an idea for a present, MagneXt is the answer.
One can built a complete virtual world, and it's far better than playing a computer game.

Go and have a look at the site of Mega. I'm sure you'll understand my enthousiasm.


  1. Those sound like a great toy and that they would be good for both boys and girls.

    I love toys that are good for everyone.

  2. I agree with you!
    I give you smile ^^!

  3. Seem like some fun toys. Thanks for your holiday wishes on my blog. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a great start to the New Year as well :)


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