Friday, January 30, 2009

A good morning

January 30 2009

When we went outside this morning and left the garden the world was beautiful!
White linings over tree branches, the roofs of the houses white.
On the news they called it: snowed out fog.
Well, it was beautiful, whatever it was.

We had a swift journey to the psychiatrist.
Yesterday evening my autistic son started complaining he didn't feel well, his way of saying he doesn't want to go.
I acted like I didn't hear it and went to do the laundry.

This morning I expected a lot toodoo before leaving, but there was no problem at all.

At the psychiatrist first his brother with ADHD and autistic features went for a talk.
At home he has a very... broad... way to voice his opinion, but now he sat there smiling stupidly. Ugh.
He got a good check-up and was told that maybe he should start lowering his meds.
I'm OK with that.

It's interesting to see the psychiatrist did all he could to get good contact, but wasn't able to get a good conversation with him.
It was just his second time, so I guess he doesn't know where to place this nice guy.

When one son went down and the other came upstairs, we had a fast talk about the situation.
He grasped my feelings immediately and said that maybe we should consider hospitalisation.
Told him that one of the good things of our family is the close contact between the kids, so there should be good access. The psychiatric hospital is in another town...

Then my son came in.

My autistic son just was himself as always.

We agreed that we're out of options with schools and it's important to move further, even when the council representative doesn't agree one little bit.
So far my strategy to offer my son nothing at all worked, he finally feels some motivation to work with us to fight boredom.
So we're now looking into day-treatment for two days a week.

Oh, I almost can smell freedom, even though I know they will dictate me all sorts of things to do at home.
Well, they'll have a hard case, as I've done it all.
I've used their approach even before they used it there, so all I expect is the change "strange eyes" can bring.

But he's in good hands there, as it's the national autism centre which has international acknowledgment.
It's the first step towards his own future.

But we first have to find ways to make him accept the change to go there.

On our way home it was sunny and the busdriver had a funny mood and made us all smile.

Will 2009 bring a pleasant change???

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  1. Hi Laane,
    I wanted to give all my support to you and your family. I read your blog and I guess life must not be easy each day,
    Your blog is interesting and not meaningless.
    Happy birthday from Germany,


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