Saturday, January 17, 2009

the girls didn't need to go to boxing

january 17 2009

I was ready to turn the complete world upside down to stand up for one of my principles:
no offensive sports for my children.

So when the school decided that my girls had to go boxing, I went against it. See here.
But my appeal was declined. See here.

I mailed the organisation that provided materials and teachers, and asked for information about the precise actions that would be taught.
I don't mind them running rounds alongside the walls of the gym, but I don't want them to raise a fist against someone else.

The answer was a bit downlooking:
I didn't understand boxing, it's a defensive sport.
Kids always enjoy what they didn't like at first. (Yea, try Brussels sprouts. LOL!), and
he couldn't deal with a turn up of 3 pupils when 40 were expected. (Yea, like 40 minus 2 =3!).

So I mailed him back to tell him that he didn't understand what I was saying.
That I had choosen a way of bringing up my children which gave no room for raising a fist against someone else.
And ofcourse I told him that boxing being defensive is only one way of seeing things. That the whole issue is to score points by touching someone and laying someone down. Even though that would not be desirable at a school sports event.

Ofcourse I also wrote that I thought it to be strange that when one askes information about the contect of a workshop a lecture in parenting follows and that maybe that says more about the content of the workshop and the people who organise it than it says about my need to get a lecture.

After that I wrote a mail to the schoolboard about the issue.

When a school has the motto to respect everyone's religion and worldview then I feel free to appeal on that respect when I don't agree with the introduction of agressive behavior in the curriculum.

When I was ready to hit the send-button the phone rang.

It was ons of my daughters.

The teacher agreed with her changing places with someone who wanted to go boxing, and my other daughter was allowed to choose a workshop she wanted.

A few hours later they came home happy and full of energy.



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