Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Geert Wilders brought to court

january 21 2009

Sometimes I'm a kind of surprised by our legal system.

Remember Geert Wilders, a bleach-haired politician ,who made the short movie Fitna, in which he depicted the islam in such a way that he brought not only our country in danger of terrorist attacks, but in which he painted such a picture that it seemed that every muslim was a terrorist and a criminal.

He justified the amount of lack of some simple respect with: freedom of speech.

To my feeling there is no need to use freedom of speech to hurt other people.

Today a special board in our legal system, who controls the work of people who have to bring those who violate the law to court, decided that it was not right not to bring him to court.

Geert Wilders showed not only disrespect for other religions, but he also calls for hatred against and discrimination of muslims.

Some people think that he's allowed to have his own opinion.
Ofcourse he's allowed that!
But that's different from what he really dumps in the media. It's like people of some religions are no good at all.

Wilders thought that being a politician freed him from some legal actions.
He said he uttered his hatred to spice up discussions.

He's allowed to do so withing the walls of the governmental buildings, and he won't be dues for that.

But making a movie was made in his own name, not in the name of our government, and his terrible discriminatory comments should be written on his own private account, not on that of him as a politician.

It's good that the value of freedom of speech is protected.

Freedom of speech is a good that should be used within the boundaries of respect and within the boundaries of the law.

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  1. I agree that even though you have the freedom of speech. One should not be allowed to create or paint pictures that will cause others to view something as what it's not supposed to be.

    In this case, he had not only painted a wrong picture on Muslims but also tainted the religion by spreading the wrong message.

    To me, religion is a very sensitive issue and should not be criticised. Everyone should respect each other's religion. Discriminating a religion can not only create war in the country, it will also rob peace from the Earth.


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