Tuesday, January 20, 2009


january 20 2008

Congratulations, Americans, with your new president.

We were glued to the TV here, witnessing a historical event, while one of our friends was somewhere in the crowds.
Was it the woman with the cowboyhat, or the one with the black and white one?
The camera went too fast to recognise someone.

For the children it was good to see how events like these are celebrated in another country.

Here we're preparing for our Queen to step aside for her son: Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima.
Already the generation after them is growing up.
So soon they'll be able to see the difference.

Each new president has promisses and good ideas, and each time people were willing to believe in a better future. After the last disappointment though, things are so different.

One could feel the hope of people, the emotions.
And these emotions extended himself to us.

In Scheveningen the Obama fanclub celebrated this special day, and an american friend called me after the ceremony to tell me how he felt. Happy that at least someone who really cares and takes action is the president.
We agreed that it's impossible to undo this economical mess within a short time, but it's a good feeling that it isn't ignored.

Americans and Dutch were rather close friends in the past, but under Bush this has almost completely disappeared.
The choice of Obama to reinstall Robert Gates makes us feel a bit hesitant and waiting if the change we want really will take place.
Is Gates really able to change his attitude towards the NATO allies?
He showed tremendous disrespect.
Something we don't expect under Obama.

Today we watched Obamas inaugural speech.
It was calm, clear, putting the responsibility in the hands of each and everyone.
It was good to hear him refer to the old values that have proven to be of utmost value.
I really think he's a bringer of hope, and he's intelligent and open, so we expect this hope will be turned into real change for the better.

In a way we feel that he got too much on his shoulder.
On the other hand, working together with other leaders in the world could get a new impulse, so things will really change.
Our crownprince already espressed his wish to meet Obama. As did our prime minister.
It's an openness which is promissing for the connection between our countries in the near future.

Today left me with one question.

Did Michelle put her shoes out when she was watching the parade?

Isn't it great to have a president and first lady who are relaxed, who enjoy a day like this, and we are regarded with so much positivism as these two people.

That the inauguration is the day after Martin Luther's King day is kind of symbolic,
because right now we all have a dream.

Let's work together to make it come true.


  1. I agree! I am filled with hope, which I haven't been in 8 years or more. I believe that Obama and his wife are 'of the people, and for the people'.

  2. Interestingly--I just wrote another comment (on another blog) about MLK and how this year, his words touched me more profoundly than they had in the many times in the past when I had heard them.

    It truly was a great day for the U.S.--and a great day for MLK's dream to be realized. We have come so very far--but at the same time, there is still quite a ways to go. Electing Obama was a huge step, though--and I am truly proud of my country (and that has been a long time coming--8 years, to be exact!).


  3. Congrats on your new president..
    I hope this time it's a better and wiser one. :)


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