Sunday, January 25, 2009

children's health insurance

january 25 2009

Now the democrats have won the elections people can learn even more about the american republican party and former president

Did you know that they were against good health insurance for children of legal immigrants when they're not at least 5 years in the USA?

These children are as legal in the country as everyone else, and these children are as much the future of the country as all other children.
Yet, they were discriminated by not giving them appropriate health care.

I can't even imagine how many children were involved, and how many children need medical attention the rest of their lives because they didn't get the help thei needed to prevent more problems.
And I can't even imagine how many children died because of the lack of care.

There was also an income limit to coverage for the higher income.
I heard many parents of autistic children complain about money problems, because they couldn't afford therapy.
Now I really understand.

In the past we had a strange situation ourselves.

After finishing our studies we faces joblessness for 8 months. We got social benefits.
Then the father of the kids found work and the social benefits stopped.
The consequence was that we had a lower income of about 5 to 10%.

Now we face another problem.
Many special deductions, grants, subsidies, discounts are income related.
All based on a family of 2 children.
We have 6, and 4 of them need a lot more money than normal children, and even my daughter with dyslexia generates extra costs.

Some people think the health insurance covers everything.
Forget it.
There are all sorts of limits.

  • only 90% of some things are covered
  • only a certain amount of therapy sessions are covered
  • some things are covered to a maximum limit
  • some things are not paid at all

  • A few months ago we sat down and calculated how much income is left to spend on food, presents and such.
    We are below the social benefit level, as we already knew.

    Because we don't have much luxury and because we don't have a car we can deal with it.

    I cut the hair of the children and myself, we never eat out, don't use take-away, never go to the cinema or theatre unless the kids perform (and then we assist so we can get in for free.), I don't buy make-up, almost never new clothes, no flowers on the table unless they're from our own garden, etc etc.

    I know some american people think it's unwise to facilitate coverage of healthcare for children of parents who earn three times the poverty level.

    Maybe this post has provided some insight why assistance is necessary.

    With proper medical care and assistance, some children can rise above their problems and become active members of society. They will contribute to society more than they cost now.
    In other cases future costs can be prevented.

    I'm asking myself which society denies children the care they need.


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