Monday, January 12, 2009

A call... I'm hopping on a chair to wait for it.

january 12 2009

What is it that people who are working for pay feel so much more important when they're dealing with people who work quite as hard but get no pay at all?

Why do people who work part time feel the world should jump whenever they work?

I got a call that I should be available tomorrow morning at 10 so someone from the new school of our second son can speak to me.
He said I should be available, because he works only part time and can't call in the afternoon.

Well, I had other plans for tomorrow morning, and I'm not happy at all to give them up for someone I don't know, and for something I'm not sure of I want to give: information about my PDD-NOS son AND about my autistic son.

As far as I know my PDD-NOS son is in the process of being admitted and his social worker has send his profile to him. She has worked very hard on it and it gives a very good impression about what my son can and can't.
So I don't feel very willing to give personal information to someone who can easily ask my son to give that information or read it in his files.

I think he uses the call as an excuse to get information about my autistic son.

I've spoken about creating the opportunity to admit my autistic son to the long distance learning facility of that school. It's used for people above 18, but I've heard there is a boy of 16 somewhere else in the country who is admitted to the same school, be it at a different location.
I wonder who has exchanged information and gave a phonenumber without letting me know. It's not the social worker, because she has my own number and not the central family number (which is the mobile of their father).

Going into the possibility of my autistic son starting some sort of education again is terribly stressful.
He's not able to see the use of it, to have any sense that he has to work in the future, so he's not motivated at all.
This school enables long distance learning, so he doesn't need to be with other people, but he has to work for it.

And guess who needs to motivate him every day?

Last year I've decided it won't be me again who spends about 2 to 3 hours talking to him, like a professional brainwasher, to make him do things. And to spend 1 to 2 hours after he has done something to hear him complain about it.

It's time people accept his autism.

So yes, I will cancel my other appointment and sit up straight to receive that call.

I'll tell him that I had to cancel my own appointment and ask him why the written information isn't enough to get a good picture of my PDD-NOS son.
And I'll tell him straightaway that he will receive information, on paper, about my autistic son, so he can never ever tell me he's not properly informed.

My son is forced to go to school by the council representative who has never ever seen him.
She denied to grant him not to go to school on the basis of psychological inability.
Well, let her provide everything he needs to go to school and let them experience that his abilities are very, very limited. Too limited to get an exam done.

All I'll do will be the same as last year: be honest.

A new school, new people who won't believe me... or maybe this guy will?


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  1. Inflexible people suck! Hope it goes well. You say you don't know where he got your number from, are you sure he's actually calling from the school? He could be some malicious person looking for info on your family for some other reason. Maybe call the school yourself and see what they can tell you? Good luck!

  2. Good luck, and be careful.

    BTW, you have been awarded at our site -- please check it out for details. :)

  3. I wish all the best in your journey. You're right, with the new year, perhaps there will be new results, new progress!

  4. Anestasia,

    Please stop linking your url to this blog.
    Your site involves illegal action in my country and as I assume you want the freedom to keep your site, I want the freedom not to be linked to your site in any way.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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