Saturday, December 27, 2008

Young people and their future

december 27 2008

I enjoy being with young people at this time of year.

Most of them are so cheerful and most of the young people I've seen today were full of the new plans and challenges of the year ahead.

Don't tell me young people are untargetted projectiles in our society.
They aren't.

I've heard such good plans to use their talents and create opportunities that they've given me confidence in their futures.
It was fun to hear that one of them planned to contact an international shoe designer, another one wanted to work at Subway franchise, the famous chain of restaurants, one wanted to become a journalist, etc etc.

Often I don't value my age and my age doesn't value me, but this time I was happy, because it meant I could bring them in contact with people who can coach them.

How I wish we all could have a coach to help us keep hope and confidence in our own abilities and the future. Someone who helps us to be realistic and working hard to become the person we want to be.


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