Sunday, December 28, 2008

Woolworth closing

december 28 2008

I've just heard the news that Woolworth is closing it's doors.

Another of the great institutions filing for bankruptcy.

One way or another I expected it to be there forever, waiting for me to come to england and visit.

I have happy memories of walking through the stores, looking around.
It was a way of sniffing what was different from my country.
Especially interesting for a girl of 12.
Those days there were completely different things on the shelves, and even products clamed to be made in my country had the British characteristics all over.

I was quietly talking with my aunt when my dad dragged me over to a stand with "Dutch Cheese made in Gouda" on all sides.

We first had a good time laughing, then asked for the manager.

He was a real gentleman.
He listened, then invited us to his office and offered a cup of tea.

There we sat, smiling, trying to hide a chuckle, sipping or tea which was far too hot.

When I left the office my tongue was slightly burned, but the weight of the goodies in a bag distracted me enough.

The goodies were a thank you for preventing Woolworth to become a joke.

The cheeses they presented as real Dutch cheeses were indeed made in England.

How we knew?

Not only the color was too dark for our cheese, but the cheeses were square, instead of a flattened ball.

I'm sorry so many people will loose the jobs they've had for so many years.

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  1. It's a long time since Woolworths sold cheese and other food. The stores changed a lot in recent years but unfortunately didn't keep up with the times.


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