Monday, December 1, 2008

when I'm old

december 1 2008

I'm happy I grew up in the sixties.
The freedom we experienced was limitless and we didn't even know that.
No daily showers of shootings, environmental pollution and more of the dark problems of the earth.
The people around us were basically trustworthy.

I feel so rich about that!!

We also grew up with trust in the future.
Social security was available for everyone and we could trust the government to make the right decisions.

When my dad died, my mother had no other worries than her own, because she was secured for 18 years of good income, and after that the indurance would take over.

Plans are to limit that to 2 years.
In that time we're forced to find work or re-educate ourselves.

I don't feel well about the way governments deal with people these days, and I certainly am not happy with this plan.

All my life I've worked to enable the children to grow up in the best way possible.
I wasn't able to keep registered in my profession, because it would mean too much money going to that, instead of to the therapy of my children.

I always hoped to be able to travel when I was old.
In a way it kept me going.

I thought it to be a kind of repayment for everything I'm doing out of the ordinary.
Running my own nuthouse saved the government and the healthsystem a lot of money.

When the father of the children dies, my life even gets worse than it is now.
What do they want me to do then?
Cleaning toilets of other people? Assembling laundry pegs?
Maybe I even have to consider myself lucky by having experience doing that. UGH!


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