Wednesday, December 10, 2008

too polite?

december 10 2008

A few months ago my autistic son was referred to the pediatrician because of his obesitas.

It was medicine introduced and we hoped that proper neurological examination might reveal the reason of his ongoing craving for food and continuous feeling of extreme hunger.

But the pediatricians won't take on obese children anymore and they refer automatically to some gymnasticsprogram for kids.

He tried it, but they were not able to meet his needs.

They didn't even bother to mail me a change of teachers, even though I had requested that with emphasis.

In the meantime he has joined another program at a physiotherapycentre.
It's difficult enough to motivate him to go there at least once a week, so I don't expect much from a group further away.

Today they send me a mail.

I think I'm too polite. I really think so.

Instead of telling them we agreed they would only contact me when they had a program aimed at autistic children, I kindly told them "thank you for contacting me."

Well, at least it's in the christmasspirit to be kind....

But I could have done something more worthwhile than explaining yet again the reasons why I want small groups or individual options for autistic children.


  1. I bet it is difficult sometimes to get what your child needs and that shouldn't happen. We need options for every kind of person, especially kids. I hope that something that fits you and your child comes up and you are able to combat this problem.

  2. You know, I think that's really sad. Since autism is on the rise, you would think there would be more programs, both public and private geared to meet the needs of these children in various areas. I used to teach art at a public school which was an autism center. One of my students in particular was really gifted in creating. Her teacher mentioned it would be awesome if we could find an extra curricular art program for her- we looked an looked with no results. Very sad...


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