Tuesday, December 2, 2008

they did well

december 2 2008

Today the girls brought their schoolreports home.

They did so very well, that I'm extremely happy for them.

They're both functioning one level above the one the former school adviced, which says a lot about their happiness.

My daughter with dyslexia did a lot better than her sister.
She can concentrate better and is more motivated.

They asked whether they were allowed to show their reports to the teachers of the former school.

Well, ofcourse!!!

One of them was angry with me for ignoring her advice to put my dyslectic daughter on a school for children with special needs.
Preferable the one where my autistic son was troubled so much.

I might seem nuts, but I'm not a fool.

Both my girls got the freedom to choose their school and level, and the way it looks now, they need that freedom even more.
When they can keep up studying this well, they'll both have the choice at the end of the year to go to a higher level.


  1. i like what u did..congrats.. :)

  2. i'm dyslexic...

    i wish my mom and the educational system before here in the Philippines had know about the condition... maybe they would have been more understanding and not just pass me as slow or stupid...

    i applaud you...


  3. I'm really happy for your girls to have such good results! This can be a very trying time for both kids and parents. How lucky they are to have such a supportive mum like you!


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