Sunday, December 7, 2008

Space or Disney?

december 7 2008

Right after publicizing the last post I got a question from one of the kids.

Why I was more fascinated to go on space exploration than to go on one of the Disney vacations.

Well, to me going to space is more grown up anyway, but financially they're both out of reach. LOL!

Disneyland Paris costs 43 euro for one person, that's $55!!!
And with 6 children that's no fun at all.

Maybe when one lives right next to the door it's well worth it, but we have to travel to go there and we need a hotel, so it's as far out of reach as space travel.

We do have our own themeparks here.
Because most people can't afford them, the schools take the children on day trips.

So my children have seen more of them than I ever will.
I don't mind.

Their happy faces were enough.


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