Sunday, December 7, 2008

space exploration

december 7 2008

What is your opinion on space exploration?

I'm fascinated by the sky.

During my evening walks with one of my sons I walk at least half of the time with my head up to see what's going on far away from us.

The sky is different each evening, but that's only for our earthlings eyes only.

Above our part of the universe there are so many changes we can't see.

I'm sure we're not alone in this universe, but I think we make the image of the "aliens" too much from our own frame of mind.
I'm sure we can't capture it all.

I wish I would be able to be part of the missions to the international space station.
It's the first step to a different way of human life more permanent in space.
What will happen in the future?
Who knows.

But I wish I could see it and be part of it.

I've often said that when cancer or anything else incurable would be diagnosed I wouldn't mind to be the first human to travel beyond the distance we've been up to now.
There's no need to worry about me then...

I worry about the costs though.
So many people here on earth have to struggle to survive their day.
Maybe we should clean up here on earth before we start exploring all the other worlds.

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