Thursday, December 11, 2008

school and the first dirty spot

december 11 2008

The girls came home all down and depressed, because they got bvery bad results on a test.
In fact 25 of the 29 pupils got bad results, not related in any way to their preparations.

In fact kids that didn't do their homework got rather good results, and those who studied hard not.

I mailed the school, asking for an explanation.

The only explanation I got was that the test was not as long as other tests, and that they have plenty of time to outweight these bad results with new testresults.

That's not an explanation at all.

The girls tried to talk to the teacher... but it didn't change anything.

The first dirty spot on the good name of the school.

I told the girls to ask the teacher to go through the same chapter again.
When 25 of the 29 can't made the test sufficient, either the test is crap, or the way that teacher composed her results.
My girls learned well and new their work.


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